Why Study In Raffles Academy?

A. World Class Universities - Ranked Top 100 - Top 5% in the World

We colloborate with Kaplan Singapore to provide Bachelor and Master Degree program from University College Dublin, National University of Ireland which is ranked 89th in the world or Top 5 percent in the world (www.topuniversities.com)

B. On The Job Training (Integrated)

Every Thursday and Friday for the period of 1 Year, students are required to attend integrated on-the-job training relevant to the Mhttp://therafflesacademy.com/ajor/specialisation with our corporate partners : Accounting Firms, Law Firms, Business Consultancy Firms & Hotels.

C. Fast Track - Minimum Age 16 And Completed O Level Or SMA 1

This fast track is in allignment with international trend among top universities around the world where the Bachelor Degree program is accelerated in order to allow candidates to obtain a Master Degree which would be key differentiation between employees in the future.

Partners & Affiliates :